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south-east european






LEM makes voltage measurement

more compact

LEM introduces the DVC 1000-P model for insu-

lated nominal voltage measurements in traction and

industrial applications. This device measures a nom-

inal voltage of 1000 V


and incorporates isolating

amplifier technology. Despite achieving very high

levels of isolation with a safety insulation voltage of

4,2 kV, the DVC 1000-P transducer is really com-

pact, measuring only 37 x 43 x 23,5 mm and can be

mounted on printed board for a total volume of

only 37,4 cm


. Typical sensors for the same nomi-

nal measurement using galvanic insulation are

bulky whereas DVC 1000-P offers significant sav-

ings in terms of space. It also offers high levels of

accuracy and temperature stability.

LEM developed the DVC 1000-P to be fully com-

pliant with the International Railway Industry Stan-

dards (IRIS). The features set of the DVC 1000-P

voltage transducer also makes it an excellent fit for

a broad range of small-to-medium voltage measure-

ments in industrial markets. It also utilizes materi-

als that comply with all relevant fire and smoke

requirements that are mandatory in railway applica-


Source: LEM

Over 60 papers were presented at

the Balkan Light conference

The 7


Balkan Conference on Lighting – Balkan

Light 2018 took place on June 4-6 in the Interpred

building in Sofia, Bulgaria. Over 60 papers were

presented at the forum, was attended by special-

ists from Turkey, Greece, Italy, Romania, Finland,

Japan, and Slovenia.

The event was organized by the Bulgarian Na-

tional Committee on Lighting (BNCL). The plenary

sessions during the three conference days were

dedicated to a wide range of issues in contempo-

rary lighting technology. There were several the-

matic areas: Energy Efficiency in Lighting; Vision

and color; Technology and Methodology of Physi-

cal Measurements of Optical Radiation; Design and

ergonomics in lighting technology; Lighting and sig-

nalling in transport; and others.

Many Bulgarian companies from the lighting in-

dustry presented their latest lighting solutions at

the exhibitions. Among them were Comet Electron-

ics, LeaderLight, Vivalux, BSM, Solar LED Power,

ATRA, and the Turkish company TD elektronics.

Source: TLL Media

nically and can be easily integrated in buildings with dif-

ferent uses, such as: dwellings, business premises, of-

fices, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, gyms,

pools, exhibit rooms, stores/supermarkets, underline


AHI Carrier

AHI Carrier FZC is a joint venture created in Decem-

ber 2008 between Carrier Corporation and Air-Condition-

ing & Heating International (AHI), and Carrier’s largest

HVAC distribution entity outside of the USA.

AHI Carrier South Eastern Europe Air-Conditioning S.A

is responsible for the European activity of AHI Carrier

FZC in Central and South Eastern Europe, for the distri-

bution and after-sales services of Carrier, Toshiba and

Totaline air conditioning products. Headquartered in

Greece, with a subsidiary in Thessaloniki, the company

has a representative office in Romania – AHI Carrier

Romania SRL.

The company strives to be the number one choice cus-

tomers in air conditioning, heating, ventilation and in-

dustrial refrigeration applications throughout its region,

as well as to create a comfortable and productive envi-

ronment, whatever the climatic conditions, by offering

solutions that ensure high quality indoor air.


Aiva Prodserv manufactures and mounts ventilation

ducts with materials such as galvanized and stainless

steel, high capacity air conditioning devices, exhaust

hoods, manufactures and installs chimneys made of gal-

vanized and stainless steel. The company purchases

specific equipment from the manufacturers or from other

importers, but the tubing for the air conditioning is manu-

factured by themselves.

“Our company has been on the ventilation systems

market since 1994, growing into a dynamic rhythm based

on some defining principles: the best value for the mon-

ey, reliability, efficiency and professionalism.

Our factory is equipped with the latest technology that

performs all the manufacturing processes automatically,

ensuring the design accuracy and the promised timeli-

ness of delivery. The staff in our factory has a long expe-

rience in producing pipes and the permanent benefit of

training to work with the latest machines,” the company

says on its official site.


ALWO is a company that has 100% private Romanian

capital. According to its official website, it provides solu-

tions regarding industrial ventilation, air filtering from

many activity fields: woodworking industry, metallurgy,

mechanical – welding, automotive, cement, chemical

and food industry, painting branch, material storage bun-

ker, belt conveyors, helical conveyors, elevators with


The company was founded in 2000 and has its own

production factory of 2000 square meters located on

5000 square meters land. It is endowed with the latest

generation equipment.

“Using performance machines with CNC Control Soft-

ware allows us an optimized production based on com-

pliance of internal quality norms. The major contribution

in the achieving of quality policy of our company is rep-

resented by qualified and specialized staff. They con-

tribute day by day to obtain an important objective: per-

manent increase of our clients’ satisfaction,” explains the



Emtec Romania was established in 2012. The main

activity object of the company and its purpose is the ex-

ecution of electromechanical turn-key projects and the

supply of HVAC products to the Romanian market. The

vision of the company is to implement sustainable ener-

gy solutions and value engineering with the mission to

create cost-effective projects.

The company provides its product range of Climate-

Master Heat Pumps, ClimateMaster Geothermal Heat

Pumps, Chiller Units, Cooling Towers, Fancoil Units, Air

Handling Units, Evaporative cooling Units, Munters De-

humidifiers, Munters Aghort, PV Solar Panels, Solar Col-

lectors, Solar Air Heater, Sunvia Tube Daylighting Sys-

tems to the Romanian market.


Eversted’s history starts with the production of air fil-

ters in Romania in 1982. Its first air filters production unit

was founded at Gura Vadului, Prahova County, and was

the first one in the country, remaining so until today.

“We believe in the power of the Romanian entrepre-

neurial business and in the quality of the products man-

ufactured with responsibility in Romania. We are proud

to be the sole Romanian manufacturer of air filters and a

Source: ALWO

Source: AHI Carrier

Source: Dreamstime