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south-east european


100% Romanian business,” informs Eversted.

“We want locally manufactured products to be appreci-

ated internationally. That is why we promote the quality

of the products made in Romania with our complete so-

lutions portfolio,” continues the company’s official web-


Frigomech SRL

Frigomech SRL is an engineering - contracting com-

pany specialized in industrial refrigeration, air-condition-

ing, industrial ventilation and cleanroom systems. The

company prides itself on its longstanding experience in

the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Frigomech has know-how in air conditioning, ventila-

tion and cleanliness needs for the food, pharmaceutical

and cosmetics industries, as well as for microelectron-

ics, printing industry, water & soft-drinks production

plants, winery & brewery and refrigerated logistic cen-

ters. It is a part of V. Bougatsos SA group, a leading

Greek air-conditioning company, operating since 1988.

V. Bougatsos SA has executed a number of projects for

the pharmaceutical & food industry in Greece, South-

East Europe and Africa.

“Since 2002 Frigomech has completed substantial in-

dustrial HVAC & Refrigeration projects for various facto-

ries in Romania, such as CHIPITA SA Clinceni Ilfov

(7days products), Cream Line SA Clinceni Ilfov (Finetti

products), Karamolegkou Bakery Romania (Toast Bread

products) Popesti Leordeni Ilfov and Best Foods Pro-

ductions SRL, Bucharest (puffy snacks: Loto, Bestini),

and continues to strengthen its activity offering innova-

tive solutions in the Romanian market,” inform company


Heinen & Hopman

Heinen & Hopman Romania was founded in Galati in

2002 as a subsidiary of Heinen & Hopman Engineering

BV, based in the Netherlands. The company operates

on the commercial shipbuilding market, private supery-

achts, offshore (rigs, TLQs), navy vessels, civil and in-

dustrial buildings.

Heinen & Hopman Romania provides a wide range of

services in the fields of air conditioning, mechanical ven-

tilation and central heating, provision cooling plants and

refrigeration (HVAC&R), sanitary/sewage systems, fire

protection with sprinkler system and environmental sys-

tems, both on the local market and abroad.

Heinen & Hopman’s Romanian production facility pro-

vides a wide range of manufactured HVAC necessities/

components, including rectangular ducting within the

range of 0,8 mm - 8 mm thickness; sound dampers; lou-

Source: Frigomech

Source: Rotronic

Source: Heinen & Hopman

vres, hatches and grids; penetrations, goosenecks,

mushrooms. The products can be executed in steel, gal-

vanized steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Heinen &

Hopman Romania also provides all types of insulation

including metal/aluminium sheeting for bulkheads and

for pipes, special insulation for HVAC-R systems, ships

exhaust, boiler systems and sanitary systems, states the

company in its official website.

High-Tech Clima

High-Tech Clima is a construction company that pro-

vides HVAC, plumbing, sprinkler systems, electrical

works and BMS Services to commercial facilities owners

and acts as a self-performing M&E industrial general

contractor at process plants, logistic parks, commercial

offices, buildings and malls.

“Our project teams are made up of skilled people that

have the ability to plan and execute challenging projects

that result in a loyal costumer following, as the projects

have proven.

Over the past 7 years, we have expanded our busi-

ness from a dozen plumbers to over 80 employees with

whom we have completed our orders all around Roma-

nia and Bulgaria in time. We have grown on the industri-

al and commercial construction markets and invested in

our fabrication facility so that our company would have

an edge in this industry,” states the company’s corpo-

rate website.

ICS - Industrial Cooling Systems

ICS - Industrial Cooling Systems is a private company

with 100% Romanian capital, established in Bucharest

in the year 2006. ICS is specialized in the distribution of

cooling towers and in designing and building cooling and

water treatment installations and ice rinks.

“We deliver complete solutions tailored to our custom-

ers’ needs, using the most advanced technologies in the

field. The superior technical know-how and vast experi-

ence, on one side, and the flexibility and promptness of

response on the other side, are attributes that character-

ize the ICS team. The solutions we offer integrate equip-

ments of the highest quality, optimal efficiency and reli-

ability”, comment company representatives.

ICS offers solutions for the following fields of applica-

tions: Industry and process cooling; Water cooled HVAC

systems; Refrigeration and commercial cooling; Retrofit

and modernisation of cooling towers; Ice Rinks.


Rotronic is an international development and manu-

facturing company that offers a wide range of products

and solutions in the B2B segment. Founded in 1965, the

company is headquartered in Switzerland and offers so-

lutions for measuring and monitoring relative humidity,

temperature, CO2, differential pressure, pressure, flow,

dew point, and water activity. It has a distribution centre

in Romania.

“We have long been known for high accuracy in humidi-

ty and temperature measurement, not least because we

manufacture our products in the highest quality and en-

hance them continuously. To offer customers maximum

flexibility, we are always on the lookout for additional prod-

ucts. Our product portfolio therefore now comprises solu-

tions for: Humidity measurement, Temperature measure-

ment, CO2 measurement, Differential pressure measure-

ment, Pressure measurement, Flow measurement, Dew

point measurement,” explains the company.