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One year ago we introduced our first Touch Display

Computers appearing in our delivery program, which are

slim, attractive Panel PCs offering all-in-one human inter-

face solution in many industrial applications. Today we

have further developments to write about, a new genera-

tion of these PCs appeared with enhanced features, like

new board support package, higher processing power and

better connectivity to users’ hardware environment.

DLOGIC’s panel PCS are not any more just “smart dis-


These devices are designed for rapid implementation

into industrial equipment, appliances, vending machines,

marine, trucking, healthcare devices and are suitable for

indoor, outdoor and harsh environments. DLOGIC Touch

Display Computers integrate a color display, a projected

capacitive touch sensor and an embedded computer into

a stainless-steel housing with an aluminum frame creating

a solid, rugged assembly protecting the sensitive parts.

They come with many standard interfaces and are config-

ured with Linux ready for loading and running the applica-

tions. The Touch Display Computer provide a cost effec-

tive and fast track to equip end users’ product with state-

of-the-art touch-based user interfaces and enhanced em-

bedded computing power.

New generation of Dlogic industrial touch computers

at Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH

These Touch Display Computers ready for simple inte-

gration into the end-product, therefore provide fast time-

to-market. As the supply is guaranteed for more than 7

years, there is a low development risk.

The display quality is guaranteed by the Ultra-wide an-

gle TFT LCD display with high brightness LED backlight

and optically bonded optional safety glass.

The slim metal housing makes them elegant, the range

of high reliability standard interfaces offer technical ad-


The Software Board Support Package includes HTML5,

JAVA, QT, 2D, 3D Graphics and Video Playback features

The design is supported by a highly skilled engineering


The DLogic Touch Display Computer hardware and soft-

ware environment is optimized for quick adaptation and

customization to specific product requirements. To get

started we recommend to purchase one of the standard

development kits, which are available in all sizes and pro-

vide all of the ‘out of the box’ hardware and software tools

required to get development going within hours.

Should users need a support, the in-house engineering

team provides this during the entire engineering process.

If the standard Touch Display Computers do not offer a

required feature, we may provide customized solutions tai-, Zoltan Kiss – Area Sales Manager EEU - Endrich

Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH

Zoltan Kiss

Sales manager - Eastern Europe


lored for the application needs. Typical customizations in-

clude special housing and mounting solutions, display and

touch panel alterations, additional external interfaces, soft-

ware board support enhancements and software applica-

tion development including graphical user interface (GUI)


The DLogic Touch Display Computers are available in

two major series in various sizes: the “i” models are

equipped with NXP / Freescale Industrial i.MX6ULL Cor-

tex A7 ARM microprocessors and the more enhanced “x”

families are organized around the NXP / Freescale Auto-

motive i.MX6DL Dual Core Cortex A9. Both offer 1GB

DDR3L SDRAM, 2MB NOR Flash and different sizes of

e.MMC flash drives. Detailed feature list are available upon

request. Endrich’s main projects up to now are usually

industrial Human-Machine-Interface products, such as

control units, vending machines. However harsh environ-

ments, such as laboratory, food-processing, truck and

marine related applications as well as healthcare and med-

ical appliances also require these rugged solutions.

In case of interest, please contact us at