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What new features can trade visitors of Glasstec 2018


The team made a lot forward in the preparation of glasstec 2018 and

created new things to make the trade fair experience even more inten-

sive for all those involved. For example, the renewed conference con-

cept comes along with new content and offers an additional benefit for all

visitor target groups. All conferences are now bundled under one roof

and in one hall under the title “glasstec conference”. Right next to it, you

will find the special show “glass technology live”. For the first time since

20 years, it is organized by a university network. The technical universi-

ties of Darmstadt, Delft, Dresden and Dortmund will present “the hub @

glasstec”. The new conceptual team will present the bandwidth of sub-

jects which cuts across industries, showing forward-looking exhibits, new

technologies and glass applications. It will showcase solutions in interac-

tive façades and display glass, energy and performance, structural glass:

solid glass and thin glass and of course new technologies.

In the craft sector, we have also launched a new event: the “glasstec

challenge”. Apprentices from the 3rd year of training will compete under

competitive conditions during the fair and produce various exhibits at the

participatory stations.

Hall 10 will house the START-UP-ZONE for the first time. Here young,

international companies will be given the opportunity to present their

ideas to a high-calibre expert audience, make contacts, start networks

and meet a large number of decision-makers who made up 86% of all

visitors in 2016. One of the hallmarks of glasstec is its participants’ out-

standing willingness to invest. We are very pleased to be able to wel-

come 16 companies from 10 countries (Norway, Finland, India, Italy,

Switzerland, Lituania, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Taiwan) to the

START-UP-ZONE at glasstec 2018.

Which of the events from the supporting programme of

the fair do you think will be the most interesting for Bul-

garian visitors and why?

Bulgaria certainly has several unique aspects as far glass is concerned

but glasstec appeals to everyone who works professionally with glass.

There will be an unparalleled supporting program which will bring up all

the relevant topics for all target groups and sectors. The technology con-

ference “function meets glass” (at CCD East) will be the kick-off event on

the Monday before the start of the trade fair. The conference will focus

manufacturing and processing of functional glass and the areas of appli-

cation. The Tuesday programme will be all about glass melting and emis-

sions, presented by two partners: the Research Association of the Ger-

man Glass Industry (HVG-DGG), the Technical Glass Society of Germa-

ny (DGG). This year the Federal Association of the German Glass Indus-

try (BV Glas) is devoting itself to the topic of environmental and climate

policy in Germany and the EU. Crosslinked production and new technol-

ogies will be presented on Wednesday by the German Machinery & Plant

Manufacturers’ Association (VDMA). The new event “Daylight by Eu-

roWindoor” will take place for the first time on Wednesday, too. In terms

One of the hallmarks of glasstec is its

participants’ outstanding willingness to invest

Birgit Horn,

Director glasstec,

for South-East European Industrial Market magazine

of content, it deals with news on the basics and planning of daylight use

in buildings. Thursday morning will feature the International Architecture

Congress, with speakers from prestigious architectural studios present-

ing their glass projects and designs. This year’s Architecture Congress is

entitled “Perspectives - New Architecture with Glass”. The International

Architecture Congress (at CCD East) is run by the North Rhine Westpha-

lian Chamber of Architects. Throughout glasstec there will also be an

academic conference called “engineered transparency”, with a pro-

gramme focused entirely on research. On Thursday and Friday, interna-

tional researchers will be discussing developments in structural glass

engineering. You can check out and download the conference pro-

gramme at

glasstecPreviewmade its debut this year. What benefits

did the new networking platform bring to the partici-


glasstec Preview offers the participating companies the opportunity to

personally present their company and its news to the trade press. Inno-

vations and new products can thus be included in the pre-reporting of

trade magazines even before the trade fair. The great thing about this

format is that the exhibitors have enough time to provide professional

and in-depth insights. This was also confirmed to us personally. Main-

taining contacts is an additional added value for exhibitors and journal-

ists. There is usually not enough time for this at the trade fair itself.