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Herz Armaturen focusing on its

production near Ljubljana

The Slovenian manufacturer of faucets and valves

Herz, part of the global company Herz Armaturen,

started constructing a new 5000-square-meter facto-

ry. The local division, based near Ljubljana, an-

nounced it was investing four million euro in the new

production facility. The expansion of the company’s

operations in Slovenia, who is currently employing

270 workers, is planned to open 70 to 100 new jobs.

The aim of the investment is to make it possible for

Herz to double its production capacity.

Herz was established in 2016 after the merger

of the local Unitas and Kovina. It is focusing on the

further development of its business in Slovenia due

to a rise in orders, the company’s CEO Damir Rutar

recently announced in front of local media.

More than half of the new facility’s floor area

will be used for production purposes and the rest –

for storage. The company expects to be able to

start the production of ball valves and faucets in

the new manufacturing plant in September 2018.

LiSEC to present several product

innovations at glasstec 2018

LiSEC is planning to present several product

innovations at the upcoming exhibition glasstec

2018. The company will focus on the areas of glass

cutting, glass processing, flat glass lamination, and

insulating glass production. “In 2016, we were able

to greet 7000 visitors to our booth; this year, we

clearly raised the bar and increased our goal for

the number of visitors and qualified leads,“ explains

Filip Miermans, Head of Marketing and Corporate

Communications at LiSEC.

This year, LiSEC announces the showcase of all

systems featuring the new machine design that was

presented in 2016. Additional area for GLASTRON-

iC is also planned - a member of the LiSEC Group,

specialized in purchasing and selling used LiSEC

machines which, depending on customer needs,

are also refurbished. The company has its head-

quarters in Hungary, and it also produces glass

racks, which will also presented.

Among the products to be presented at glasstec

are: High-performance machine for automatically

cutting flat glass (SprintCut); High-performance ma-

chine for automatically cutting laminated glass

(VSL-A37/33); Flat glass processing line with water

jet technology (SplitFin: EPS & MRX-B Water Jet);

Laminating machine featuring a high-pressure au-

toclave (ConvectLam 2); Automatic butyl extruder

for solid spacers (LBH-B25ARS); Bending machine

for “sharp“ corners (BSV-B45NK).

Source: LiSEC

Source: Herz

Could you tell us what differentiates

Essex from the other winding wire pro-

ducers in Europe?

Essex Europe is the European division of Superi-

or Essex, company based in Atlanta USA whose

facilities are located in 9 countries including Cana-

da, Mexico, China, Malaysia, Germany, Italy, UK

and starting from November 2018 in Serbia as well.

More and more customers have a global presence

and Superior Essex is the only magnet wire pro-

ducer able to supply them with a local presence

and the same quality whatever the Essex location.

Furthermore, we have formed a specific Automo-

tive business Unit to answer the growing need of

magnet wire in the electrical vehicles and propose

to our automotive customers a dedicated organiza-

tion and new technical solutions. Finally, Superior

Essex innovation center based, in Fort Wayne,

USA, brings innovative solutions for all our custom-

ers around the globe.

Earlier this year the company started

the constructionof its first facility in the

SEE region.What factors contributed to

choosing Zrenjanin, Serbia as a loca-


In order to follow its customers’ base developing

production capacities in SEE and preparing the de-

velopment of winding wire usage thanks to the ve-

hicles electrification trend, Essex decided to expand

its business. We have decided to invest in Serbia,

taking into account its extraordinary geographic lo-

cation and a broad base of qualified personnel. This

location helps us to compliment the Essex Europe

plants in Germany and Italy plus brings local ser-

vice to nearby manufacturers of electric motors for

all industries including automotive.

Essex Europe operates 4 other Europe-

an plants. What will be the main focus

Our plant in Zrenjanin, Serbia

brings local service to

SEE manufacturers

Eric Laurent, Sales and Marketing Director at Essex Europe,

for South-East European Industrial Market magazine

of the production in the new Serbian

facility and what technologies will be


The facility in Zrenjanin will occupy 15 000 sq. m

and its production will be focused on the round wire

enameled copper wires. Same as the other Euro-

pean facilities, the plant will be equipped with state-

of-the-art equipment. Modern gear and implemen-

tation of Industry 4.0 process will enable us to fulfill

highest standards in term of quality. In addition, we

remain committed to the sustainable development

so the factory hall in Zrenjanin will be one of the

most energy-efficient plants in Serbia thanks to the

optimization of the production process in accor-

dance with the advanced practices in this field.

Essex isglobally knownas an innovator.

What is needed to achieve constant

technological progress and place inno-

vative products on the market?

One of the challenges we face daily is to develop

new products that meet the needs of our clients in

every aspect. That is why our technicians, engi-

neers and line operators work with them very close-

ly. The results are customized solutions, based on

85 years of expertise, knowledge, and modern

technology. The new innovation center, based in

Fort Wayne USA, is also a strong support for the

local R&D team, based in Europe for example.

What are your observations on the auto-

motive market in the SEE region and in

particular – the electric car industry?

By 2040 more than 50% cars sold at global level

will be electrical. SEE region is no exception to this

rule. This region is known as strong automotive

area. Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary stand

out in particular, so our customers coming from

these countries are already very pleased to know

that we are opening factory in Serbia.