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This year Romexpo will host TIB 2018 in one of the

new exhibition areas Pavilion B1. Pavilion B1 is the

ideal location for hosting international fairs and exhibi-

tions with its total area of 11 905 square meters.

The TIB will take place on 4 days from Wednesday,

10 October to Saturday, 13 October 2018 in Bucharest.

The exhibition includes conferences, seminars, work-

shops and film screenings. In 2017, TIB gathered 143

exhibiting companies from 15 countries: Belgium, Bul-

garia, China, England, France, Germany and others.

The TIB was first organized in 1970 and since 1993

it has been internationally certified by the Global As-

sociation of the Exhibitions Industry UFI, being includ-

ed among the most important technical fairs at inter-

national level.

TIB - Bucharest International Technical Fair - at

Romexpo is the main technical fair in Romania. The

fields represented at TIB are mechanical engineering,

electrics, electronics, automation, communications

and industrial IT, chemistry and petrochemistry, indus-

try services, metallurgy and welding, transport, stor-

age and much more. At this exhibition, dedicated to

industrial technology and equipment, the companies

will have the opportunity to present: laser technolo-

The main technical fair in Romania TIB

will present inventions and innovations

gies, robotics, machine tools and multifunctional in-

dustrial machines, products with innovative design,

pumps, compressors and hydraulic equipment, IT

products and software.

This year's edition will take place in the same period

with Inventika (International Inventions, Scientific Re-

search and New Technologies Trade Show). The in-

ventions could cover a large area such as: mechan-

ics, metallurgy, electronics, environment protection,

construction, interior design, medicine, agriculture, op-

tics and photography, household devices, children’ ar-

ticles or leisure products. Inventika will have an inter-

Source: TIB

Source: TIB

Syskevasia 2018, the 16th International Exhibition

of Packaging, Machines, Printing & Logistics will be

held again at Metropolitan Expo, at 12-15 October this

year. The organizers announced that the event will be

accompanied with new innovations and it will be ex-

port oriented and with a “celebration mood” because

of its 30-year presence on the Greek market. Last

completion of Syskevasia exhibition in 2016 took place

at the same place and was conducted with great suc-

cess as 240 exhibitors and 1500 visitors were present.

In its 2018 edition are included some new exhibit

categories – in the fields of winery/distillery, logistics

and labeling. This time Syskevasia will be organized

in the same period as the Plastica 2018 exhibition –

the 10th International Exhibition of Plastics, Machines,

Moulds & Recycling but in different halls. Plastica 2018

is also expected to attract the interest from profes-

sional exhibitors and visitors.

The exhibitions will include interesting day-confer-

ences and speeches, which speeches will take place

in special conference halls inside the exhibition area.

At this exhibition the companies will have the opportu-

nity to present their products in two sections – materi-

als and equipment.

Moreover, for the first time, this year the organizers

will implement a “Hosted Buyers” program from spe-

cific countries in order to increase the attendance of

foreign visitors and to enhance business-wise the

Greek exhibitors in the field of exports. The exhibitors

will have the ability to book business meetings during

the Exhibitions either in their stand or in a separate

meeting room through the exhibition’s electronic plat-

form from the webpage. Participants in the event will

be companies from Balkan countries, Europe, Turkey,

Cyprus, UAE, Israel and Egypt.

Hall 3 of the exhibition will host: Packaging machines

and systems; Robotic systems; Printing machines for

digital printing, offset, silkscreen, gold printing, etc;

Greece’s packaging exhibition Syskevasia

returns with new exhibit categories

Processing and standardization machines for food,

drinks, drugs, cosmetics, chemicals; Cooling, ventilat-

ing and air conditioning machines; Recycling ma-

chines for paper, glass, aluminum and tin; Comple-

mentary equipment such as air-compressors, pumps,

valves and piping; Balances and scales of industrial,

wholesale and retail use; Instruments for quality con-

trol, measurement, automations, laboratories; Trans-

mission of motion systems; CIP cleaning systems; In-

dustrial flooring.

Hall 2 will be dedicated to: Raw and semi processed

materials for packaging products; Paper, glass, plas-

tic, metallic, fabric and wood packaging for industrial,

agricultural, storage and consumer uses; Ecological,

custom-made, export and advertising packages and

stands; Chemicals, colors, inks and other printing ma-

terials; Nanotechnology of packaging materials; Soft-

ware systems, barcodes, RFID, etc.; Packaging ser-

vices: company associations, scientific unions, print-

ed and electronic, journals, environmental entities, in-

ternet knobs, banks, insurance companies, embassies

and chambers of commerce; Packaging supplements

such as labels, tapes, stirrups, ribbons, wrapping pa-

pers, cords, wires, felizol, polystyrene, etc.; Metallic

and plastic tanks and containers for olive oil, wine,

honey, milk, water, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cos-

metics, biological cleaning, etc.; Recycling buckets;

Design and artwork for new packaging.

Additionally, there will be several special exhibit cat-

egories. The first one, “Equipment, Raw, Semi-Fin-

ished And Finished Wine And Drinês Materials”, will

include exhibits related to processing, standardization,

bottling and packaging machines, wine-press units,

crushing, pressing and separating machines, ovens,

pasteurizers and heat converters, distilleries, distilla-

tion flasks, stills, wine makers, vinegar makers and

condensers, pumps, pumping systems and filters,

conveying and weighting systems, automations,

cleaning and washing machines, cooling machines,

waste systems, quality control systems for wine and

drinks laboratories, stainless sheel tanks and barrels,

industrial floors, wine and drink accessories and oth-

ers. The second main category will be “Logistics” and

it will present warehouse equipment like forklifts, car-

riages, lifts, conveying systems, containers, shelves

and shelving systems, storage cooling systems, etc.,

as well as storehouse services - logistics centers,

packing houses, repacking houses, land, sea and air

transport companies, couriers, insurance, distribution

and freight forwarding companies, informatics and

telematics systems for warehouses and stores.

national jury for the inventions exhibited and will be

accompanied by a wide range of conferences, work-

shops, round tables and presentations held during the

period of the exhibition.

The platform will present inventions and innovations

in order to achieve communication between inventors

and potential partners and investors. Inventors here

have the opportunity to meet with representatives of

well-known national and international companies. The

event provides the perfect setting for networking and

communication between inventors and potential inves-


Source: Syskevasia

Source: Syskevasia

Source: Syskevasia