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Largonet Ltd. offers variety of electronics design

and production services to other manufacturing


Largonet Ltd. is a family company, founded in 2005 in Varna,


Since the beginning we have been producing our own line of

consumer electronics, marketed under "MIDI Boutique" brand



. This line includes more than 100

products, designed and manufactured exclusively by us.

So far we have over 2500 private and corporate customers

from 60 countries all over the world.

By expanding our technological capabilities we came to a point

where we can offer variety of design and production services to

other manufacturing companies:

• Conceptual design;

• Schematic capture;

• PCB design;

• PCB production;

• Components supply;

• PCB assembly (TH and SMD, automated or manual);

• Prototyping;

• Functional testing.

All these services are available together, separately, or in any


Our PCB assembly unit is equipped with modern PCB assem-

bly machines, that can produce small and medium series, which

are the most interesting for small companies manufacturing elec-

tronic products.

The main technological processes we utilize are:

Stencil printing, Pick and Place loading of SMD components,

manual loading of TH components, profiled reflow soldering of

SMD components, wave or manual soldering of TH components.

We can handle:

- most types of SMD components (down to 0201);

- all types of TH components;

- single or double sided assembly;

- Leaded or Lead-free soldering.

Our technology is extremely flexible and is optimized per each

order for quality, cost and time.

Our advantages are:

- competitive prices;

- high quality;

- flexible and negotiable technology;

- live communication.

For more information visit


Rommtech-3S will be exhibiting for 6th consecutive year in Munich. We

will show our capabilities at Hall B1 Stand 614 as EMS with 200 employees

in the main production areas. We have electronics assembly, injection mold-

ing of plastics, metal sheet forming with powder coating, cable harnesses

and battery packs assembly. On this electronica we will announce that the

new ERP system is fully adopted and we have the possibility to support our

customers with full traceability.

This is backed up by the standards we have ISO9001, ISO14001 and BS

OHSAS 18001. The next big step is to finish all preparations for implement-

ing ISO/TS 16949 for the automotive sector where we are already a mem-

ber of the Bulgarian Automotive Cluster. To help with this purpose we have

implemented a stencil cleaning machine and have bought an X-Ray ma-

chine that is pending to be implemented.

The next investments are in improving the machine park and expansion

with new ones - a selective coating machine, SPI, automatic SMD towers

and improve SMD capacity to more than 100 000 cph. The current 2 fully

automated SMD lines are capable of working from 01005 to 56x56x15mm

ones weighting up to 140g, which are then checked by inline 3D AOI ma-


The plastics department is running on 15 machines with clamping force

from 30 to 650t with volumes of over 180t processed technical plastics.

The metal department has all the processes - punch presses, bending

machines, big and small metal presses, powder coating and etc. We can

offer convenient and cheap transport from and to Europe including Germa-

ny with various loads starting from 1 box to full truck.

We have the

possibility to support

our customers with

full traceability