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Lantek partners with ISL

Photonics to deliver high

efficiency laser cutting solutions

The developer of sheet metal CAD/CAM solu-

tions Lantek has announced that it will be deliver-

ing its Lantek Expert system to the Bulgarian mar-

ket. The company has signed an agreement with

the Bulgarian fibre laser cutting machine manufac-

turer ISL Photonics, within which the software will

be supplied to increase the efficiency of the Gladi-

us, Maximus and Optimus machines in response to

the high customer standards.

ISL Photonics operates on the principle of "less

is more", which is the base for the design and man-

ufacture of its fibre laser cutting systems. The com-

pany's main aim is the design and production of

machines with extremely low working space re-

quirements. At the same time, an emphasis is put

on their efficiency by providing high-tech compo-

nents with high speed, accuracy and high quality

cutting performance.

"Lantek is recognized as a world leader in its

field and, by supplying its software with the three

machine models, will bring users the benefit of fast

automated programming, highly efficient and accu-

rate cutting and cost and process control which

will add significantly to profitability and efficiency,"

commented on the new agreement Francisco

Perez, the director Original Equipment Manufac-

ture (OEM) Channel of Lantek.

OMV to bring innovative

polyfuels technology in

Petrobrazi Refinery

The largest oil and gas producer in South-east-

ern Europe, OMV Petrom, will invest around EUR

60 million in a new unit in Romania's Petrobrazi

Refinery. Based on innovative Polyfuels technology

initially developed by the French company Axens,

the new unit will be fully operational by the begin-

ning of 2019, predicts the company.

The technology itself allows for the conversion of

LPG components into gasoline and middle distillates

using a catalytic process. It will allow a shift in refin-

ery production of up to 50,000 tonnes of gasoline

and middle distillates, while the overall capacity of

the refinery will remain 4,5 million tonnes per year.

Within the project three main reactors, several ad-

sorbers, columns and pumps will be built. It is de-

signed for high energy efficiency due to the proper

selection of main equipment and heat exchangers.

Source: Lantek

Source: Pixabay

explain company representatives.

The manufacturing process goes on without

releasing the waste waters and other materi-

als into the environment. The water is reman-

ufactured inside the factory compound, where

it's used again as clean technological water.

The plant also has a paint shop section where

the radiators are being painted with an elec-

trostatic white paint RAL 9016. The main prod-

ucts of the company besides three types of

radiators are: hydraulics and pneumatics

parts, automobile industry parts, electro indus-

try parts, and miscellaneous parts.

LTH Learnica

LTH Learnica in Macedonia was founded in

1961 and joined the LTH Castings Group as

the last member in 2005. Starting in the 60s

as a supplier for the ex-Yugoslav car indus-

try, covering various part and material cate-

gories, the company evolved to a structured

and cost-efficient die-casting producer,

based on the technical knowledge with

favourable labour cost.

The recently introduced in-house tool and

mould production supports the LTH Castings

Group tool demand and enables on the other

hand the site to focus on manufacturing alu-

minium anti-vibration components, spools as

well as some non-automotive electronic hous-

ing components. The site focuses on raw part

production, labour intensive products and prod-

ucts with intensive and sensitive mould mainte-

nance demand.

LTH Learnica's core competences are the

following: die-casting of aluminium parts, tool

design and manufacturing, processing of alu-

minium alloys - EN AC 46000 (AlSi9Cu3,

Al226), EN AC 44300 (AlSi12, Al230), EN AC

47100 (AlSi12Cu, Al231), as well as the heat

treatment of aluminium parts. A strategic fo-

cus is placed on the quality first approach,

the volume production with fully exploiting

the labour cost advantages, the focusing of

rough part with grinding, tapping and drilling

possibilities. Increasing share of parts de-

manding intensive tool maintenance and fur-

ther development of tool shops is also an


Some of the key products the company man-

ufactures are related to tool making: die-cast

tools, deburring tools, sleeves and others.

RZ Institut

The RZ Institut started its work in 1967, and

since 2001 is a fully private-owned company.

Its main activities comprise: production of

aluminium and copper alloys in ingots, steel

deoxidation aluminium alloys; production of

ramming masses for induction industrial fur-

naces, masses for torquetting of electric fur-

naces, ground chamotte and dolomite, met-

allurgical lime, additives and other non-metal

products for steel industry, foundries and

metalwork plants; production of aluminium

and copper alloys castings in sand moulds -

elements for sewerage and water systems,

underground hydrants, fire hydrants, ventile

heads, pipes, brass and bronze art casting -

sculptures, statues, plaques, ornamental ar-

ticles; laboratory services for mining and


The annual production of the firm amounts

to 2000 tons of aluminium alloys - ingots and

castings, 500 tons of bronze and brass - in-

gots and castings, and 2500 tons non-metal


MZT Learnica

In 1945 MZT Learnica was founded as a de-

partment MZT Tito. In 1970 a significant recon-

struction with new furnaces and Gisak semi-au-

tomatic moulding lines was performed in the

foundry. In 2006, the company installed new

melting aggregates and agreed to realize a new

automatic moulding line with a new sand plant

and shot blasting machine.

The company manufactures castings from gray,

ductile iron (90%), and nonferrous metals with fully

circular technological line - starting from the manu-

facturing pattern equipment, core making, mould-

ing, pouring, shot blasting, machining, coating,

packing, and warehousing in own store for selling.

As most important products of its portfolio

MZT Learnica defines: parts for machine indus-

try, fittings (with flanges and pipes, with tyton

junction, for plastic pipes, with flanges mobile

and pipes for plastic pipes with flange mobile),

decorative products, air valves and hydrants,

sewage armour and parts by agreement.

"MZT Learnica A.D. pays special attention to

the quality of the products fully respecting re-

quest of the customers, taking in mind satisfac-

tion with product and business cooperation,"

tells the corporate website.

MTZ Learnica states that development is their

imperative, through which they secure competi-

tiveness on market and company profitability with

inclusion of employees in the development of the

same according their knowledge and experience.

Source: RZ Institut

Source: RZ Institut