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south-east european




Founded in 1970, Zeleznik AD is a renowned

manufacturer and supplier of high quality, vari-

ous kinds of steel castings for quarries, steam

power plants, machine-building and construc-

tion plants, low carbon steel shots. The compa-

ny acquired an Austrian license in 1979 and

meets all the EU quality standards.

"In our early stages, we exported only in the

neighboring countries, but today, with more

than 90% of production supply, we have long-

term business partners located in the EU coun-

tries as well as overseas. Our production ca-

pacities enable our annual production of ap-

proximately 12000 tons of steel shot and 3000

tons of steel castings. Due to extensive experi-

ence and continuous technological develop-

ment, we are offer products of very high quali-

ty. Our products' quality, chemical, metallo-

graphic and mechanical structure is strongly

controlled in our own laboratory which is

equipped by the most up-to-date machinery,"

shares the company.

Zeleznik also possesses ISO 9001:2008 and

ISO 14001 certificates to confirm the quality of

its production.

Skopski Leguri

Skopski Leguri DOOEL is a fast-paced and

dynamic Macedonian ferroalloy manufacturer.

The company is a key exporter of ferroalloy

products to the European Union, Balkans, USA,

Turkey and Middle East countries.

The modern, vertical integrated, export ori-

ented enterprise has a huge potential produc-

tion. Due to the long experience of operating

at the metallurgic market as well as the high

quality production, the enterprise has gained

a reputation of the reliable partner meeting the

requirements of customers. The enterprise's

core specialization is a production of manga-

nese ferroalloys.

"Our products are applied in the metallurgic

industry for the alloyage, deoxidation, steel

and alloy doping as well as for the welding

electrode manufacturing," claims the firm. "To-

day Skopski Leguri gathers momentum, con-

stantly ramping up production and enhancing

the variety of products. Our dynamic develop-

ment is stipulated by the strong technological

management process performing with the ac-

curate measuring and control equipment,

highly-qualified staff as well as the company's

flexibility in framework of the constantly

changing market."


The main activity of the holding company

J.S.A. TEAL is manufacturing aluminium al-

loys and aluminium profiles. The company

was established in 1979 as part of ALUMINIA

- Skopje and is currently located in Tetovo, the

second biggest city in Macedonia. In 1989 it

was reregistered as a single company. In

1999, the German company RAKU became its

dominant owner.

In the past 10 years, the managing team in-

cluded modern management and manufacturing

practices, which resulted in a bigger use of the

capacity, bigger amount of sales, and bigger

profit. This was awarded with a recognizable

quality of the processes and products, through a

successful introduction of ISO 9001:2000 certifi-

cate. This additionally strengthened the compet-

itive advantage of the company at the export

markets as a confidential supplier of aluminium

profiles for the industry.

Teal's production site and halls have enough

Source: Zeleznik

capacity for a potential future growth. At the

moment, it has employees including profes-

sionals with long years of working experience.

Teal is also involved with outside cooperants.

The production is performed in three shifts, a

model conditioned by the end goal to reach

higher level of the capacity use.

The main activity of the holding company

from Tetovo is the production of aluminium

alloys and profiles. More concretely, it in-

volves the production of aluminium logs,

blocks for deoxydation and alloys, production

of pressed aluminium profiles, pipes, bars

and construction profiles; production of alu-

minium gallantry, aluminium brackets for

electrical distribution network and similar

products. Key production groups are: alumin-

ium alloys in a shape of logs and ingots and

aluminium profiles in different circle dimen-

sion. These products are later on used in the

automobile industry, construction, airplane

industry, machine industry and etc.

Source: Pixabay