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south-east european




The number of Bulgarian

companies at Light + Building

has increased



Yaskawa is building a robot

factory in Slovenia

Yaskawa has launched the construction of a

new robot manufacturing facility in Slovenia, the

Japanese automation company announced. It plans

to produce 80% of its European robot demand in

the facility. In addition, the factory will manufacture

the first Motoman robots that are purely European

production, the company added.

The Asian robot maker is investing about 25

mln. euro in this expansion of its European opera-

tions, opening approximately 200 new job positions.

Yaskawa currently employs around 350 develop-

ment and application engineers in Europe, the com-

pany stated in its press release.

The new robot plant in Slovenia, along with two

other large projects in Europe - a new production

and office center in Nantes, France and a new fac-

tory with office workstations in Torsas, Sweden,

are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2018.

Yaskawa is also expanding the production and

warehouse space of its European headquarters for

the manufacturing of robotics in Allershausen, Ger-

many with 4000 extra square meters.

Coca-Cola expands its Bulgarian


The Bulgarian unit of Coca-Cola Hellenic Bot-

tling (HBC) is investing 20 million euro by the end

of 2018 in the expansion of its factory in Kostin-

brod, near the capital Sofia, the company an-

nounced. It plans to construct a water main to the

town in order to improve the facility's operations

and its production capacity. The project is expect-

ed to improve the working capacity of the factory

with 30%, Svetoslav Atanasov, CEO of Coca-Cola

HBC Bulgaria, said in an official statement.

In 2018 the global brand celebrates its 25th an-

niversary on the Bulgarian market. The new invest-

ment is another step aimed at strengthening the

company's business in the country after it decided

to relocate all its Finance and HR working places

from Weimar, Germany to Bulgaria.

During its 25-year development in the country

HBC has invested in the local market a total of 550

million euro. The company employs about 2000

workers. "The aim of the new investment is to make

the Sofia-based manufacturing plant a regional cen-

ter and to export production to other countries in

the region and to more distant countries", Sofia

Invest Agency concluded.

Source: Yaskawa

Source: Coca-Cola Bulgaria

Maria Hasselman,

Director Brand Management

at Light + Building

The next edition of the Light + Build-

ing international exhibition is upcom-

ing. What are your expectations as an


Naturally, we are looking forward to a great

event! After all, Light + Building is the world's

leading trade fair for the sector, which gives ex-

hibitors an unrivalled opportunity to present

their company and products to a broad audi-

ence of trade visitors from all around the globe.

At the same time, it is the place to make new

contacts and to find the right business partners.

Moreover, Light + Building is the international

trade fair for decision makers: 53 percent of all

visitors have purchasing and decision-making

authority. Never has there been a better chance

to do business with the whole world than by tak-

ing part in just one event in Frankfurt am Main -

after all, around half of the 216 000 visitors

come from outside Germany.

A trade fair of innovations, Light + Building

brings together all power-controlled building-

services systems and promotes integrated

building planning with a spectrum of products

unrivalled in both horizontal and vertical terms.

In line with the high level of dynamism in the

sector, the outlook for Light + Building 2018

could hardly be better. All market leaders have

registered, and we expect a total of around

2600 exhibitors to launch their new products

onto the world market for lighting, electrical en-

gineering and home and building automation.

Light + Building is a great source of ideas and

decisive impulses. Now, it is set to confirm its

unique position as the world's leading trade fair

for the sector in 2018.

Howmany and what kind of Southeast-

ern European companies will partici-

pate this year? Which country is most

represented and what, in your opinion,

is the reason for that?

The pace of development in the various coun-

tries does indeed differ greatly. On the whole,

however, the number of companies from the in-

dividual countries taking part has grown contin-

uously over recent years. Moreover, many com-

panies are catering for the demand from their

own market before turning to the export mar-

ket. Naturally, successful companies must also

prepare for the export market and Light + Build-

ing is a good starting point to do so.

What is the position of Bulgarian com-

panies in the event? How has that posi-

tion developed through the years?

It is noticeable that the number of Bulgarian com-

panies taking part has increased over recent years.

Many of them use Light + Building as a gateway to

a successful export market. To date, 14 Bulgarian

companies have registered to exhibit at Light +

Building 2018.

Based on participants in Light + Build-

ing over the years, what are your obser-

vations on the lighting solutionsmarket

in theSEE region? Is it competitivewith

others in terms of quality of the prod-

ucts offered?

Light + Building presents the complete inter-

national range of products for all applications

and all different markets, each of which has its

own very different requirements. At the world's

biggest trade fair for lighting and building-ser-

vices technology, the industry shows intelligent

and interconnected solutions, future-oriented

technologies and the latest design trends,

which increase not only the economic efficien-

cy of a building but also the level of comfort,

safety and security of users - from complete

product lines to custom manufacturing, every-

thing is represented.