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south-east european


industries and dealerships. Pord Masinoproekt

provides its customers with professional exper-

tise regarding new solutions, as well as trou-

bleshoots and resolves issues that can arise in

the everyday production processes.

"For the quality that is established in our pro-

duction palette and the complete solutions that

we offer to our customers we have help from

long-term partnership companies, as well as

worldwide renowned companies which we rep-

resent for the Balkan region. With them we are

sure that the quality and the speed of delivery

of the products will match the highest standards

in our domain industry, as well as all of the

needs and expectations of our clients," writes

the company in its official website.

The firm states that it prides itself on the stan-

dards and satisfaction of its customers, which

have been a long lasting presence, together

with a long reference list of satisfied clients

from the same sector. The manufactured solu-

tions are intended for users within the ferrous

and non-ferrous metallurgy, cement industry,

mining industry, brick industry, roads mainte-

nance. Additionally, the production palette in-

cludes all types of steel casts, iron casts and

casts from non-ferrous material in different siz-

es, shapes, chemical and mechanical composi-

tion and purpose. The casts are produced in

semi-serial and serial production, with huge va-

riety of sizes and weights. Present are a large

amount of patterns for the building industry, ce-

ment industry (different types of plates, gears

etc.), brick industry, various parts for power

plants, the machining industry, and all types of

patterns for industrial armatures.

Different types of casts are produced depend-

ing of the structure: steel cast for general use,

steel cast for improvement, steel cast for ce-

mentation, wear-resistant steel cast, and high-

er chrome steel. Pord Masinoproekt also offers

iron cast swith capacity of 6 tons with qualities

from SL10 - SL40 III, casting of non-ferrous

metals in sand, centrifugal casting.

"We issue A-test for chemical and mechanical

characteristics with every park we make. We

deliver our parts as a semi-product (cast) and

also as finished and machined product," states

the company.

IGM Trade

IGM Trade Ilija I dr. DOO is a privately owned

company founded in 1994 with main activity -

the trading of products from the black metallur-

gy sector and production of welded steel pipes

and profiles. Shortly after its establishment the

company had installed a line for cutting steel

sheets from coils and in 1997 it started the con-

struction activities for a production hall, where

the first line for production of welded pipes and

profiles and slitting line were to be placed. The

first production line became operational in the

year 1998.

In the period 2006-2008, 4 more production

lines for welded pipes and profiles were in-

stalled, so today in the company has a total of

7 working production lines. In the year 2008 a

line for hydro testing was commissioned, which

helped diversify the assortment of products

once again.

Today, IGM Trade is the largest Greenfield in-

vestment in Macedonia, states the company. It

is located on 350,000 square meters of land,

from which 200,000 square meters is covered

area where the lines for production and ware-

houses can be found. The yearly production of

IGM Trade is 120,000 tones of welded pipes

and profiles, and from the total production only

10% is sold in domestic market; 90% of it is


In the manufacturing process, the profile of

the pipes is achieved through the process of

cold forming, beginning from the primary mate-

rials: cold rolled and hot rolled steel strip. The

firm's production program also includes flats -

steel strips coming in sheets, as well as hot and

cold rolled steel sheets from coils.

Aluminium and Zinc Foundry

The Aluminium and Zinc Foundry LLC - Res-

en produces high quality aluminium and zinc ef-

fluences by using a technology of high pres-

sure casting. The company follows the produc-

tion program of the factory producing heating

items - Algreta, and has also introduced new

types of radiators that suit the worldwide quali-

ty standards and which can be used in the

world's largest heating systems, as is the ex-

ample in Moscow and throughout Russia and


The factory is equipped with Italian machin-

ery used for pressure foundry, heating cham-

ber machines ranging from 20 to 180 t used for

zinc casting effluences and cold chamber ma-

chines ranging from 180 to 1100 t also used for

casting aluminium effluences.

"There is a special part in our foundry equipped

with a machinery park used for producing and

processing of radiator parts where we cut, weld,

examine and assemble all of the radiator parts,"

Source: Pord Masinoproekt

Source: IGM Trade