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south-east european




ceutical, the agriculture industry and others.

The company website outlines that apart

from the basic values for quality, care and in-

tegrity of the products, their aim is to always

remain an ethical and social responsible com-

pany. For the continual improvement of their

community and environment, they focus on the

values through their priorities: employees, cus-

tomers and suppliers.

Svemek also explains that it considers the

Environmental policy as one of the fundamen-

tal aspects on which the company operates. It

is constantly dedicated to finding new and bet-

ter technological solutions, improvements and

savings concerning material and energy re-

sources. For this reason the company has in-

corporated a Solatube day lighting system,

which allows natural daylight in through solar

specters placed on the roof above the neces-

sary area, and which will be lighten up. The

efficiency through use of this day lighting sys-

tem is around 25% savings on electricity, adds



Tehnoproduct is established in 1990 as a

production firm for rubber and metal. In the be-

ginning, the production line entailed produc-

tion of rubber parts, but in small quantities,

however, over time the product list increased.

Along with the increase in the production, Teh-

noproduct sensed the need of becoming verti-

cally integrated. To elaborate on this, it began

to produce its own molds (needed for produc-

ing a certain part, which by then was out-

sourced), and afterwards it began to produce

its own rubber mixture (the raw material need-

ed for a product to be manufactured). The

products are characterized with a quality that

satisfies the needs of the buyer in terms of en-

durance, functionality, and durability, explains

the company.

The mentioned products are used in the

transport i.e. transportation belts, vehicles,

food industry, hydraulics and pneumatics. Te-

hnoproduct’s production plant is situated in the

industrial area of Gevgelija encompassing a

space of 7300 sq. m, out of which 1400 are

administration and production buildings, 500

sq. m warehouse, 200 parking lot, 650 sq. m

yard, 500 sq. m park and the rest is left for

future needs.


TeknoHose is an Italian company part of Vit-

illo Group, operating since 2003 in the produc-

tion of flexible pipes for fluids to medium-high

pressure. The company has specific know-

how, highly qualified personnel with decades

of experience in the industry, the use of ma-

chinery and equipment, high technology and

selected raw materials guarantee a high quali-

ty product, states the corporate website.

In Macedonia, TeknoHose registered the

Vitek company and bought an advanced fac-

tory in the Technological Industrial Develop-

ment Zone Skopje 1, which has a total area of

2,900 sq. m. The investment worth EUR 5 mil-

lion was made in 2011 and the official opening

of the facility was in October 2012. Vitek Mace-

donia is producing high-pressure hydraulic fit-

tings and armored rubber hoses for the auto-

motive, construction and other industries.

In October 2013 the company started build-

ing a new production facility area of 7000 sq.

m with a 4000 sq. m warehouse. In this sec-

ond phase they invested EUR 11 million for

the finishing of the construction, and also

opened jobs for 100-150 people.

TE – TE Plast

TE – TE Plast is a company which is engaged

in the manufacture of molds and development

of plastic components for various industries .

The company has their serial production line

and is responsible for every step of the manu-

facturing process - from plastic injection moul-

ding to market launch.

"We have our own tool workshop and sectors

for processing of plastics equipped with leading

edge technical and technological equipment,

qualified staff and long lasting experience, and

offer whole package – development and design

of components, production and delivery of tools,

as well as mass production of products plastic

and their assemblies and sub-assemblies."

“Our focus is on engineering and manufac-

turing of molds for injection molding of plastics

and production of plastic components and

parts intended for the automotive industry, in

which we have operated for many years, as

well as in other industries (electrical, cosmetic,

pharmaceutical and electronic industries) on

the domestic and foreign markets”, states the

company’s corporate website.

Van Hool

Van Hool is a Belgian independent manufac-

turer of buses, touring coaches and industrial

vehicles. The company was founded in 1947

and is established in Koningshooikt. The vast

majority of the production is intended for Eu-

rope and America. Van Hool has over 4000

employees worldwide, the largest share of

whom work in the production sites in Koning-

shooikt and Bree (Belgium), as well as in Sko-

pje (Macedonia). For over 65 years, Van Hool

has had a reputation for designing and build-

ing high quality, state-of-the-art customized


In 2012 the company from Koningshooikt

made an investment worth EUR 25 million for

a new factory in Macedonia.

“The country, although not a member of the

EU, is nevertheless very European oriented.

The favourable investment climate, together

with the working conditions and the skills of

the highly-motivated workforce, prompted us

to make an investment”, explains CEO Filip

Van Hool.


The private enterprise Velmax is a limited lia-

bility company that was founded in 1990 as an

enterprise for production, trade and services.

The company was deregistered in the Bitola

basic court with a resolution and registration

number 286/99 from 1999. The enterprise is

officially registered in court under the name of

Trade Company for production, trade and ser-

vices “Velmax”, limited company Velmej -

Ohrid, Macedonia.

The first activity of the company was whole-

sale and retail. Since 1997 its activity has

been directed towards the production of half-

products which are built into the seat belts for

the car industry, and this is the basic activity

of the enterprise. These half-products are

sold in the Holding Company Sipo – Belcista.

The capacities of Velmax – limited company

Velmej – Ohrid, allow the extra manufactur-

ing of parts of injected plastic for other buy-


In the beginning of 2004 Velmax created its

own section for thermal processing of carbon

steel from a programme for seat belts. The de-

velopment of the company oriented towards

completing the existing capacities in order to

enlarge its offering on the market.

Source: Svemek

Source: Vanhool