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south-east european


Aluminium and Zinc Foundry


The Aluminum and Zinc Foundry LLC – Re-

sen produces high quality aluminum and zinc

effluences by using a technology of high pres-

sure casting for the needs of the automobile

industry. The company follows the production

program of the factory producing heating

items - Algreta, and has also introduced new

types of radiators that suit the worldwide qual-

ity standards and which can be used in the

world’s largest heating systems, as is the ex-

ample in Moscow and throughout Russia and


The factory is equipped with Italian ma-

chinery used for pressure foundry, heating

chamber machines ranging from 20 to 180 t

used for zinc casting effluences and cold

chamber machines ranging from 180 to

1100 t also used for casting aluminium efflu-


“There is a special part in our foundry

equipped with a machinery park used for

producing and processing of radiator parts

where we cut, weld, examine and assemble

all of the radiator parts,” explain company



Amphenol is one of the largest manufactur-

ers of interconnect products in the world. The

company designs, manufactures and markets

electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors,

coaxial and flat-ribbon cable, and interconnect


The primary end markets for the company’s

products are communications and information

processing markets, including cable television,

cellular telephone and data communication

and information processing systems, aero-

space and military electronics, and automotive,

rail and other transportation and industrial ap-


The US manufacturer produces and mar-

kets electrical, electronic and fibre optic con-

nectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cables, and

interconnect systems. Amphenol makes its

products with the use of a number of plas-

tics, including PA, PVC, polyether ether ke-

tone (PEEK) and polychloroprene, accord-

ing to data released by the Wallingford-

based company.

With an investment of about EUR 6 million,

Amphenol opened a production facility in Ko-

cani, Macedonia, and already 70 people have

been employed.

By the end of 2014 they increased this

number to around 350 people, and plan to

increase yet again to approximately 1500

people by 2019.


Brako was founded in the year of 1947 in Ve-

les, Republic of Macedonia, occupying an area

of 120 000 square meters. Since 2003, Brako

has been a private company with a completely

revitalized and renewed machine park. In the

beginning of 2005 the company reached the

milestone of producing of 1400 tons of wire

products and employing 260 people, making it

a leader in the manufacturing of wire products

within the country and the wider region. The

company`s main activity is the production of

cargo trailers for the automotive industry.

"Even though the products of Brako have

grown to be recognized brand by its quality and

wide spectrum, with a vision for success and

development, as well as implementation of

new trends in this field, it is continuously im-

proving the current manufacturing abilities by

investments in new state-of-the-art technolo-

gies in the field, innovating the current way of

company management, as well as extending

the spectrum of products in its everyday activi-

ties," writes the company’s official website.


Ein-Sof was founded in 1993 by Ljupco

Sharkovski in Skopje, Macedonia. In its first

few years Ein-Sof was the first multimedia

company in the region wining prestigious

awards on a global level assuring his place as

the Europe’s industry leader.

After several years of utilizing the newest

multimedia tools, the company began to ac-

cept new challenges venturing additional tech-

nologies. In addition, the company gained and

offers valuable expertise in ERP and CRM so-

lutions, document management, business in-

telligence, content management, communica-

tions management and healthcare software


In the following years, Ein-Sof became suc-

cessful with customized software development

for the automotive industry and began working

with some of the largest automotive compa-

nies in world, including Johnson Controls and

SPX Corporation.

"In every business engagement, we seek the

Source: Brako