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opportunity to build long-lasting, strategic rela-

tionships. This client-centric focus forms the

basis for how we, as a company, operate and

serve our clients. Commitment to long-term cli-

ent success empowers every associate to pro-

vide value and flexibility beyond contract," say

company representatives.

HI-TECH Corporation

Hi-Tech Corporation is an East European

manufacturer of printed circuit boards special-

ized in express delivery of prototypes and

small series of rigid, flex and rigid-flex multi-

layer printed circuit boards up to 36 layers for

the automotive, communication and electron-

ics sectors.

The company was established as a PCB

manufacturer in 1981. What started as a

small family owned company for the produc-

tion of PCBs for the local industry turned into

a successful business which operates on the

European and US markets. The company ex-

ports 100% of its PCB production to valuable

customers from market sectors such as auto-

motive, telecommunications, consumer and

industrial electronics, power and medical in-


Double sided and Multilayer PCBs are used

for an incredibly wide range of applications. Hi-

Tech Corp. has a proven track record in sup-

plying rigid PCBs for industries that demand a

high degree of reliability.

"Selecting materials that best fit the required

electrical, thermal, and physical characteristics

is essential for delivering outstanding quality,"

underlines the company’s website.

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls is a global diversified

technology and multi industrial leader serv-

ing a wide range of customers in more than

150 countries. Their 170 000 employees cre-

ate quality products, services and solutions

to optimize energy and operational efficien-

cies of buildings; lead-acid automotive bat-

teries and advanced batteries for hybrid and

electric vehicles; and interior systems for au-


With an investment of about USD 40 million,

Johnson Controls opened an automotive plant

in the TID Zone Skopje, Macedonia in 2007.

For the production of electronic dashboard

components for the automotive industry, 300

people have been employed.

Then, on 17 October 2011, Johnson Controls

launched the investment project for a new cut

& trim factory for car seats in Macedonia’s

Technological Industrial Development Zone

Stip. The investment of around EUR 20 million

led to the employment of about 1400 people

with its official launch in 2014.

KGL Systems

KGL Systems was founded in January 1991.

Its main business is the trading of parts and

accessories for vehicles. It has a body building

center for commercial vehicles which was es-

tablished in 2002 and has been developing

ever since.

Today, KGL Systems is a leading company

in Macedonia which is privately owned. It spe-

cializes in body building of commercial vehi-

cles, installation of equipment in vehicles and

equipment servicing.

"We upgrade truck chassis and trailers and

convert standard commercial vehicles (VAN)

into special vehicles. Truck chassis upgrades

include aluminum cases, thermo isolated con-

tainers for transportation of brad and pastry,

textile crates, furniture and other specialized

demands. By conversion or upgrade of VAN

vehicles we produce special purpose vehicles

such as: vehicles with cold storage for food

distribution, ambulance vehicles, vehicles for

people with special needs, vehicles for trans-

portation of dogs, vehicles for transportation of

textile, funeral vehicles and vehicles for other

special purposes," explains KGL Systems.

In commercial vehicles the company installs

air conditioning, pre-heaters, heaters and heat-

ing systems, cold storages, refrigerators, load-

ing/unloading elevators and other special


Marana Automotive

The Marana Automotive company is found-

ed in 2006 as continuation of the long and

reach experience of the founder


. Petar

Tanevsky. In its short history, the company has

managed to produce various different delicate

body superstructures. Nowadays, Marana Au-

tomotive operates as a design bureau, which

cooperates with several small Macedonian au-

tomotive companies on many common



The company Miriplast is an enterprise in the

plastic industry located in Gostivar – Mace-

donia. The company’s main activity is thermo-

plastic injection moulding. The commercial lan-

guage of Miriplas is German, since it is active

as a supplier for German-language countries

in Europe. It produces plastic parts and car ac-

cessories for the automotive industry.

The enterprise consists of a young, dynamic

and innovative team and well-trained skilled

workers with plastic-technical know-how. The

operational machinery consist of machines

with closing force 20-250 tons of closing force.

With regular injection moulding machines the

company can produce plastic parts up to 750

gram of weight. It also has at its disposal a

tampon printing machine which make produc-

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