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south-east european


tion of printed parts possible.

'As company target we want to shorten the

product standing cycle for our customers. In

addition, we offer express sampling of new

tools and series production for peak loads to

our customers, as well as quality assurance

after an internally created quality program fol-

lowing ISO 9001:2008 on all processing lev-

els", says Miriplast.

RDV Faber

RDV Faber is a family company formed by

two brothers - Vladimir and Darko Milosevski –

which produces different kinds of tools and

rear lights. The company is committed to pro-

viding high value products with responsibility

toward the society and environment. Its every-

day work is based on the usage of internation-

al CAD/CAM/CAE design methods supported

by a professional team.

“With a customized approach to each project,

be it injection plastic molds, blow molds, pro-

cessing metal sheet molds, plastic products,

etc., we ensure that we exceed expectations

every time. Our success as a product develop-

ing company is based on the ability to provide

innovative and cost-effective solutions to our

clients. This is accomplished by maintaining

the highest levels of quality, professionalism,

and business ethics,” states the company.


Ruen industry was established in 1952 as part

of a plan for an industrial organization of former

Yugoslavia. The company initially began opera-

tions as a small manufacturer of clutches and

gears. The main goal after its opening was to

supply clutches and gears for the Yugoslav

Army and automotive industry. The initially re-

quired amount of produce and the desire for im-

proving the quality was a preparatory step for

further cooperation with leading manufacturers

in this field, as well as future investments in in-

novative technologies. Today the business of

Ruen Inox Automobile comprises the produc-

tion of automotive spare parts: clutches (clutch

cover, disk drive and release bearing), for pas-

senger cars, trucks, buses and tractors.

The industrial plants of Ruen Inox Automo-

bile are located in Kocani, a medium size city

in the Republic of Macedonia near the Bulgar-

ian border. Apart from its very good geograph-

ic location, Ruen is the only company in the

Balkans producing these kind of products. This

central location in South-Eastern Europe pro-

vides fast truck deliveries to all former Yugo-

slavian Republics, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania,

Turkey and Western Europe. For maritime

transport of their products to the Middle East

and Africa, the company uses the port of Thes-

saloniki in Greece, 250 km from Kocani.


The shock absorbers factory STD from Nov

Dojran, Macedonia, was established in 1983.

It is a leading manufacturer of shock absorb-

ers for commercial vehicles trucks, buses and

trailers in this region and is specialized in small

series production. The high productivity of a

total of 20 employees enables the production

on the annual level to be around 10 000 shock

absorbers with upward tendency.

“We produce more than 450 different types

of shock absorbers, 70% is exported on the

markets in the neighboring countries and the

rest is lanced on the Macedonia market as

well,” explains STD.

STD is a professional company with a high

quality in the working field, which places a focus

on their clients. It successfully followed and

adopted the quality certificates ISO 9001:2000

in July 2007.

“We are continuously improving the quality of

our products based on the suggestions and

thoughts of our users. We also improve our

operations, conduct advanced trainings, follow

and adopt the world’s newest developments in

the region, all the while in a constant coopera-

tion with scientific institutions in our country

and abroad. Key for the success is our perma-

nent aspiration for maintaining the best quality

of products,” further adds the company.


Svemek is a manufacturing company deal-

ing with the production of machined parts,

tools, and services. The main activity of the

company is the production of pneumatic and

hydraulic parts by design: cylinders, nuts,

screws, valves, mutters, separators, inserts,

prototypes, and many more.

The main industries which the produced parts

are intended for are: the automobile, machin-

ery (machines and equipment), packaging,

transportation, commercial vehicles, pharma-

Source: Svemek