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KCM Technology can

cover complete

scope of investment


KCM Technology started its activity in the field of the non-ferrous metallurgy

in October 2005, based on the former Investment and Process development

Department in KCM AD. The company's portfolio includes main engineering

activities such as research, design, project execution through EPCM.

KCM Technology is ISO 9001-2008 as well as ISO 14000 certified. The

personnel includes 36 engineers in different disciplines, all members of

the Chamber of engineers in the investment design with full design qualifi-

cation, as well as administrative staff.

The company can cover the complete scope of investment projects -

from design, through procurement, construction management till start up

and commissioning.

Since 2005 KCM Technology has completed projects for 47 process in-

stallations for the total investment cost of 40 million euro. Some of them

are based on proprietary technologies such as reconstruction of baghouse

dust precipitators for lead and zinc plants, equipment for zinc alloys CGG

and ZAMAC, solid - liquid extraction, closed cooling water loops, zinc sul-

fate "C" grade, DORE refining, Wealtz kiln reconstruction.

Other projects are based on adaptation of foreign design and equipment.

The share of the cost of the engineering services in the above projects

is 11,6% which shows the competitiveness of the company.

GARDA COM offers innovative surface

treatment products and technologies


Representative office: GARDA COM Ltd

Bulgaria,1505, Sofia; 19, Rusalka str.;

Tel.: + 359/ 2/ 846 83 83, Fax: +359/ 2/ 943 30 02


+359 888 421 566


+359 888 702 945

COVENTYA is an international holding company which develops, manufac-

tures and distributes special chemical additives for surface finishing with galvanic

finishes. It is an established leader in the development of innovative surface

treatment products and technologies in over 40 countries and 4 continents. And

no matter the market, compromises and differences in requirements are inadmis-

sible. This is also true for the Bulgarian market, where GARDA COM represents

and distributes COVENTYA for over 12 years.

Our portfolio covers a wide range of industrial applications - from automotive to

petroleum, computers and even fashion. Our leading customer service motiva-

tion is to support the development of local industry and to provide new business

opportunities through our achievements. Through us, COVENTYA KIM special-

ists are communicating with manufacturers - they process and transform the

wealth of information, then provide it for the local needs and development.

The strong side of COVENTYA is the offering of unique processes that help

manufacturers stay at the forefront of technologically advanced businesses, guar-

anteeing quality, reliability and professional help. This allows our partners to

evolve, focus on business, and boldly meet new challenges. Our well-established

presence on the Bulgarian market has already yielded results in projects, man-

aged in a reliable partnership between Bulgarian entrepreneurs and foreign in-

vestors in the sector.

Our clients are specialized galvanic productions from various industry sectors,

as well as production units which perform different surface coatings as subcon-

tractors - decorative, protective or functional. We have a number of successful

projects that deliver excellent results.

We hope this trend will develop in the next few years to the neighboring coun-

tries of Bulgaria, for which we are available to contact.