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Hi-tech machine building in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a history of established traditions

and experience in the sector of machine building,

with a steady growth since 2000. An industry report

by the Invest Bulgaria Agency outlines some of the

unique opportunities for machine building that the

country offers. These include the qualified work

force at affordable price, the availability of experi-

enced engineers, export oriented sector, and easy

access for various markets - EU, Russia/CIS, and

the Middle East.

More than 50 000 people work in the Bulgarian

machine building sector. It is also characterized by

appropriate infrastructure for the needs of the man-

ufacturing industry, proximity to the automobile

clusters of Central and Eastern Europe, networks

of technical universities and colleges, big diversity

of international and local companies in the machine

building sector, which are successfully operating in

Bulgaria. The producers of components are active

in producing high precision and endurance compo-

nents for various European customers.

The sector has attracted the attention of a num-

ber of large international companies who chose

Bulgaria as their preferred destination within Easter

Europe. In addition, many successful Bulgarian

owned companies operate in the sector and offer

competitive products worldwide. This combination

of foreign and local companies serves to create a

unique environment for productivity, ingenuity, and

innovation in manufacturing to thrive. As far as

physical infrastructure goes, Bulgaria is in a favor-

able position because of its easy access to region-

al and European markets - it is crossed by five ma-

jor Trans European corridors. This includes con-

nection via sea to the trans-European corridor VIII,

which links the Adriatic and the Black Sea.

The industrial zones in the country are also nu-

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