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Behr-Hella Thermocontrol

Behr-Hella Thermocontrol GmbH (BHTC) is aman-

ufacturer of climate control and thermal management

solutions for the automotive industry. The compa-

ny's main product groups are control panels and con-

trol units for vehicle air conditioning as well as center

stacks/HMI. Climate sensors, blower controllers and

PTC auxiliary heaters complement the portfolio.

Behr-Hella Thermocontrol has been active on the

Bulgarian market since 2013 and opened a pro-

duction plant for control panels for vehicle air con-

ditioning on May 20, 2015. In addition to that, the

company established a development center for in-

novations in Bulgaria, which is one of the five glo-

bal BHTC innovation centers.

BHTC's production plant is the first facility in the Indus-

trial Zone Sofia-Bozhurishte and as of today employs

250 people. According to the company's strategic de-

velopment plan, this number is expected to reach 500

within the next five years. The development center, on

the other hand, has 60 engineers who directly work on

projects coming from the Lippstadt headquarters.

Behr-Hella Thermocontrol's decision to begin op-

erating in Bulgaria was a result of a two year study of

various locations in Easter Europe, the company re-

veals. Some of the countries that were considered

were Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Poland, Hunga-

ry and the Czech Republic. The final choice, howev-

er, was Bulgaria, mainly because of its friendly in-

vestment environment, good infrastructure and fa-

vorable business development conditions.


Festo specializes in the production of sensors and

sensor applications. It was established in 1993. The

company's manufacturing capabilities in Bulgaria are

one of the biggest that they operate. Since 1997 Festo

Bulgaria has been specializing in themanufacturing of

sensors and sensor applications. It operates twoman-

ufacturing facilities - in Sofia and in Smolyan.

Festo's key products manufactured in Bulgaria in-

clude the production of fluid and magnetic sensors

with various applications in the automotive, machine

building and other industries, as well as the produc-

tion of cable applications for sensors and valves.

In September 2015 Festo Production inaugu-

rated its new manufacturing facilities in Sofia.

The new plant occupies 8700 square meters.

The investment in expanded production amounts

to 19,2 million leva. The company announced its

plans for a significant new extension within the

following three years, which would result in the

opening of more new jobs, investment in machin-

ery and equipment for new products, and auto-

mation of the production amounting to 25 million

leva. The planned investment program is already

underway, as the company has successfully pur-

chased the land required for the construction of

the new capabilities. Festo also plans increasing

the level of automation of its production process.

At present, the overall production base of Festo

Production, including the extension, occupies a

total area of 20 000 sq. m.

LEM Bulgaria

LEM is one of the market leader in providing inno-

vative and high quality solutions for measuring elec-

trical parameters. Its core products - current and

voltage transducers - are used in a broad range of

applications in drives & welding, renewable ener-

gies & power supplies, traction, high precision, con-

ventional and green cars businesses.

"LEM's strategy is to completely benefit fromthe intrin-

sic strengths of its core business, and to develop oppor-

tunities in existing and new markets with new applica-

tions," reveals the company's corporate website.

LEM has production plants in Beijing (China), Gene-

va (Switzerland), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Tokyo (Japan).

The company's Automotive division specializes in de-

veloping and manufacturing current transducers for

battery management and motor drive applications in

cars, buses and trucks. Company representatives

point out that by controlling the current in energy-in-

tensive applications, LEM participates in the global ef-

fort to reduce overall energy consumption.

Some of the typical applications for automotive trans-

ducers include: Standard battery monitoring; Hybrid

and EV battery pack current sensing; Fuel cell current

control; DC/DC converters and AC/DC inverters; Hy-

brid and EV motor inverter drive; EPS and X-by-wire

applications; Electric compressors for air conditioning.

KEMMLER Electronic

KEMMLER was founded 30 years ago and is cur-

rently based in the Swabian town of Freiberg am

Neckar. The company is a long-standing partner of

many renowned international businesses from var-

ious industries, such as the automotive and suppli-

er sectors, engineering, the power tool sector, med-

ical technology and renewable energies.

KEMMLER supplies a wide range of customised

cable assemblies mostly for the automotive indus-

try, which accounts for about 80% of their produc-

tion. Their main product categories are cable har-

nesses, batterywires, HV-harnesses, flat ribbon ca-

bles, and electromechanical assemblies.

The KEMMLER Group has production sites in vari-

ous countries with almost 300 employees to date. In

addition to the company's headquarters in the Freiberg

amNeckar, KEMMLERhas its own production sites in

the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and in China.

Another milestone in international history of the

company was the establishment of the Bulgarian

company KEMMLER Electronic in March 2013. The

city chosen to become a site for the next produc-

tion base was Rakovski, which was already opera-

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