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We expect further growth in the EEU area

Zoltan Kiss,

Manager for International Industrial Key Accounts in Endrich

DearMr. Kiss, tell usmore about EndrichBauelemente's

scope of activity and your position within the company.

Endrich is a leading design-in distributor in Europe, which means we start our

projects with our customers in the very early stage of the life cycle of a product,

with development engineers usually at idea phase. We operate on the field on

"technical" sales of electronic components. Endrich is a mid-size German family

owned company with over 40 years experience in the business, holding top 10

position among Europe's component distribution.

Our main area is still Germany, the turnover of the Endrich group exceeds

the EUR 100 million. Very strong part of our export activities are concentrated

in South-East Europe, especially in the region of Hungary-Bulgaria-Romania,

which is the leading area of our export sales, and its weight is still growing. I

am responsible for all the activities of the Eastern European area, and for

some international industrial companies - such as Schneider, Honeywell and

Flex chain - my role is being a key account manager. Next to the sales posi-

tion I am also writing technical articles and books for supporting our sales

team and also our customers.

The collection of these English publications are summarized yearly in a book,

that is available free for all the customers of Endrich as well as the readers of

your magazine. The book contains technical white papers in all kinds of areas

of electronics, such as circuit protection solutions, sensor technology, passive

components, semiconductors, optoelectronics and acoustics. This is made to

inform customers and show our competence in providing solutions for every-

day cases at electronics circuit design. This book is also used to support our

sales engineers as a useful tool in front of customers, or just educating them-

selves. The book series won the Special Grand Prix of the Budapest Industry

Days Trade fair in 2016.

As an established worldwide distributor delivering to

50 different countries, which of the company's advan-

tages and qualities do you think gives the best com-

petitive edge?

We represent a number of far-Eastern and American component manufactur-

ers, that need to have a European technical sales department for correct techni-

cal advising and design support. Endrich can fulfill this task, as we operate by

having highly technically trained field sales engineers, who are able to under-

stand the problem of the customer, and with the 40 years old knowledge base of

our company, can usually provide solutions. If the design requires a customized

component we are able to describe the requirements towards the component

engineers of our suppliers, and they are able to make a tailor-made solution

quickly without long back-and-forth discussions. Furthermore we also offer to

our partners a high level standard or customized logistics support in the mass

production period of their product's life cycle.

Endrich has a special mix of components in the delivery program, a large

portfolio of niche products that need special attention as well as standard com-

ponents. We focus on sensors, passive parts, optoelectronics, electromechan-

ics and semiconductors. We are flexible and can customize products meeting

customer requirements. Especially the automotive industry often requires these

kind of special solutions.

On the Balkans, Endrich Bauelemente has regional offi-

ces inSofia, Bulgaria, andTimisoara, Romania.What fac-

tors contributed to choosing these destinations?

When I started my carrier in 2005 at Endrich, I was originally responsible for

Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. In these countries I had planted seeds of re-

markable business opportunities, this is the time of harvesting the fruits, there-

fore I needed local engineers to support the existing customers, and as being

local professionals, they have better chance to grow by finding new possibilities,

where I was limited by lack of language skill. I can concentrate my efforts now to

new areas, like Baltic countries or Czech and Slovak Republic as well as Slove-

nia. Also the growth of the turnover of the two offices makes the possibility to

extend the EEU team. We are constantly seeking for new staff, and trying to

develop our share on the component sales in eastern Europe.

On your website you state that almost one fourth of the

yearly turnover of Endrich is generated by activities in

the automotive supply industry. Is that the same for your

business on the Balkans?

We have a huge percentage of automotive sales, meaning that most of our

suppliers and their products have concerning approvals, the quality level is high

and thanks to the volume of sales, prices are competitive. In Bulgaria this is the

same, as many automotive designs made by Endrich in other part of EU are

manufactured here. In Romania we are much more involved in industrial and

metering business, but automotive industry has also remarkable role. Next to

the country account management, we operate with a key account management

team for handling our tier 1 customers to best serve them.

What is your expected outlook for the upcoming fis-

cal year?

We expect further growth in the EEU area, especially in Hungary and Ro-

mania, where we have some new volume projects starting. I had to take

back direct responsibility over the Bulgarian activities due to management

decision, but we are about to open new office in Poland, and our interna-

tional sales team in Hungary is extended. The growing figures of Bulgaria,

which are concentrated at a few customers, will be handled from Budapest,

thanks to the easy direct connection between Budapest and Sofia by air. As

the numbers regard, we will have further growth, and hopefully the alloca-

tion "What is the main problem of the electric industry today?" will also dis-

appear in a couple of months, making daily business smoother and less

stressful. I am looking forward to see the possibilities in the new territories

like Poland, and the projects coming from the international industrial key

accounts like Flex and Schneider. Next year is again the year of Electronica

2018 in Munich, one of the trade shows Endrich participates, but readers

can meet us at Embedded 2018 as well as a number of local EEU events.

Last but not least we are preparing the new issue of the Endrich technical

book, which contains the technical publications of 2017, some of them have

been published in South-East European Industrial market.