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Over 30 years of PCB production know-how

from ODAK

Odak PCB has been dealing with over 1000 do-

mestic and foreign customers since 1983, has re-

settled in Esenyurt factory in 1997 and has contin-

ued PCB production under the same roof since then.

With over 30 years of PCB production know-how,

ODAK has proudly announced quick turn PCB pro-

duction line in 2007 at a quality level of mass pro-


High quality product, selective service and reason-

able price mentality is followed by Odak's qualified

team of 150 employees with 10 engineers, 30 techni-

cians on a 4000m


indoor production area giving an

output of 150.000m


of production annually.

Our improving product quality is confirmed by ISO

9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004, UL (Underwriters Labo-

ratories, File No: E301197) Quality Certifications and

ROHS Standardization in 2003. Odak PCB aims at

continuous development and it has become the mar-

ket leader in the industry by making new investments

for its machinery park in 2006. As a result, the manu-

facture of multilayer circuit boards has begun.

Depending on the customer request we are able to

produce single side, double side PTH and multilayer

PCBs with different copper thicknesses and copper

clad laminates such as XPC, FR1, FR2, CEM1,

CEM3, Aluminum, FR4.

We are focused on covering all types of customer de-

mands by producing low to high volume orders for wide

range product types such as:

· Single layer (punching and CNC production)

· 2-layers and multilayers (up to 20 layers)

· Fast-turn production (up to 6 layers)

· IMS PCBs (Aluminum or copper core PCBs)

· Heavy copper PCBs (3 oz. to 8 oz.)

· PTFE (Teflon) and Ceramic based PCBs

· Flexible and rigi-flex PCBs

· Extreme long PCBs (100cm or more)

Our mission statement is as follows:

· Take customer satisfaction as our base,

· Comply with national and international standards,

· Make investments in line with developing technology,

· Boost production output,

· Improve the knowledge and skills of our employees.

Odak PCB aims to be a long term solution part-

ner in the electronics industry with its dynamic staff

who is continuously progressing the art of PCB