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Requirements to the ads

Requirements to the ads in TLL Media Ltd. channels


1. Requirements to the banner ads


Banners submitted as ready for publish files

  • Graphical file formats: GIF, JPG, PNG
  • Max size up to 150 КВ.
  • A link (URL) to where the banner is pointing must be supplied


Ads prepared or altered in our studio

  • For banner ad preparation “from scratch”, text file, as good as possible photos or high-resolution graphic files, logos in EPS format and a layout proposal are needed.
  • A link (URL) to the target web site or page must be supplied
  • Max size of prepared/altered banner - up to 150 КВ.


2.  Requirements to the printed ads


Ads submitted as ready for print files

  • Ads are received as ready for print files: offset printing quality PDF (PDF/X3 approved) files, EPS, or high quality JPEG (>300dpi at print size) files. All RGB and Pantone colours should be converted to CMYK. In case of EPS the text should be converted to curves.
  • Full bleed ads should be extended 5 mm beyond each trim side. Do not place important elements closer than 10 mm from the trim edge. For optimum color coincidence a color proof can be supplied.
  • In case of ads submitted not as ready for print files, or if alterations are needed, production charges should apply.


Ads prepared or altered in our studio

If the ad is to be prepared or altered by our production department, please keep in mind following instructions:

  • As ad preparation or alteration basis are received PC format files from InDesign CS6, Illustrator CS6, Photoshop CS6. All graphic elements - photos, logos etc. should be written separately in TIFF or EPS format. All colour or monochrome photos should be written as TIFF files at >250dpi at print size. All fonts should be submitted in Adobe type 1 format file.
  • For ad preparation “from scratch”, text as a file, as good as possible photos or high resolution graphic files, logos in EPS format and a layout proposal are needed.




  • TLL Media Ltd. shall not be held liable for the contents of the advertisements, advertising layouts and banners, video advertising publications, advertorials and company articles. Copyrights of all mentioned trademarks, registered trademarks, etc. belong to their owners.
  • By client request, the TLL Media Ltd. can create or participate in creation of advertising artwork projects in which materials with other intellectual property rights are used. The purpose of these projects is to be published and used in Media Channels owned by TLL Media Ltd. The copyrights of these projects belong to their authors.
  • Concerning creation or creation participation of advertising artwork projects, the TLL Media Ltd. is not responsible (liable) for provided by the client images, audio and video files, texts, photos and design, implemented in the advertising project due to client request, created by or owned by the client, but not his intellectual property.

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