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TLL Media Publishing House is specialized in technical periodicals for professionals in the following sectors – Industry, Energy, Ecology and Building Installations.

The periodical publications distribution is free for charge for all working specialists in these sectors.


To apply for printed magazines free subscription you have to be a working professional in the Industry, Energy, Ecology and Building Installations sectors. The Publisher keeps the right to decline printed magazine subscription requests if they do not respond to the requirements and if it is not technically possible for the Publisher. To be able to proceed your subscription request please fill the marked fields in the magazines forms. You will receive a personal confirmation for your subscription by e-mail.

E-subscriptions have no limitations to be done.


If you would like to know more about your rights and how we control, process, and use the data you provide us for the purpose of this subscription, read the Privacy and Privacy Policy.


For any additional information, please contact us at +359 2 818 38 48 or email abonament [at]

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