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Terms of Use

Terms of use of the websites of TLL Media Ltd.


This document regulates the relations between TLL Media Ltd. and any person using the Internet sites owned by TLL Media OOD, namely:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,,,,


Hereinafter referred to as the SITES.


  1. By accessing (loading) the websites pages, the visitors / users agree to accept the present "Terms of Use of the sites of TLL Media OOD" and all changes that will be made in them, and are obliged to follow them. In the event that visitors / users do not agree with all the general terms and conditions in this document, they should not use the sites in any way.
  2. TLL Media Ltd. reserves the right, in accordance with the relevant regulatory and legal requirements, to change the "Terms of Use of the sites of TLL Media Ltd." at any time by updating this text. It is the responsibility of the visitors and users of the sites to know and review this text for changes.
  3. The sites of TLL Media Ltd. provide and publish a variety of information - articles, news, videos, images, texts, company publications, advertisements and other content. The service provided by the sites is offered "as it is".
  4. TLL Media Ltd. has no obligations and is not responsible for the relations (commercial and any other type) between the user / visitor of the site and any third parties in established and / or maintained relationships due to the use of the sites.
  5. TLL Media Ltd. is not liable to users and users of the site for damages and loss caused by violations of the software or hardware, suspension or restriction of access to the site, as well as due to unreliability, inaccuracy or incompleteness of published articles, text messages, analyses, interviews, statements, photos, diagrams, materials and / or any other information available through the site.
  6. TLL Media Ltd. © All rights reserved. All rights to the sites, graphic design and design, software programs, databases, articles and used images, audio and video files, graphics, texts and photos, any information or elements published on the sites are subject to protection under the applicable Copyright and related laws. Unregulated and improperly documented use violates the laws and the rights of their owners.
  7. TLL Media Ltd. is not responsible for the content of published ads, ad frames, banners, dispays, advertising publications, corporate and paid articles, videos. The rights of all mentioned trademarks, registered trademarks, trademarks, names of products and services and other similar protected objects of rights belong to their respective owners.
  8. The use of the sites of TLL Media Ltd. in violation of the provisions of these "Terms of Use of the sites of TLL Media Ltd. " in addition to violating the agreements between site visitors / users and TLL Media Ltd., may be a violation of the rights on objects, subject of third party intellectual and/or industrial property, as well as of other rights and legal interests of either TLL Media Ltd. and / or of third parties, protected by law. Each violator must assume all the responsibility provided by law: administrative, criminal or civil, as well as pay at his own expense the appropriate compensation to the persons whose rights have been violated.
  9. By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the site visitors/users take full responsibility for their actions and release TLL Media Ltd. from any court or out-of-court claims for compensation, indemnities, etc. by authors and holders of rights to all the sites, their content and elements, and any satisfaction of claims will be made by the infringing sites visitors/users in full and at their expense.
  10. TLL Media Ltd. has the right to visualize and publish on its sites advertising banners, links and references, advertising articles, messages and texts, video and audio ads, as well as any other advertising forms that encourage visitors/users of the sites to buy goods and third-party services. TLL Media Ltd. is not responsible for the content, accuracy, precision, completeness and legality of the advertising content published on the sites.
  11. TLL Media Ltd. is not responsible for the availability, sales process and after-sales service, quality, functionality, as well as any characteristics of the goods and services advertised on the sites, and is not responsible for damages and lost profits related to the sale, the lack of sales, use and non-use of products and services related to the advertised products and services.
  12. Visitors/users are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate the security of the site, to search for week sides and vulnerabilities on the sites, to misappropriate and use any data that is not intended for them, as well as to carry out any activity that would harm the normal functioning and purpose of the sites.
  13. Visitors/users and advertisers of the sites are fully responsible for the information published / provided by them for publication on the sites. They agree that the content of their advertising forms and their content should not be pornographic, should not incite violence, ethnic and / or religious intolerance and everything else prohibited by Bulgarian law. The perpetrators of any sites security breaks or the creation of conditions to break the security of the system will be subject to civil or criminal liability.


The Republic of Bulgaria legislation and lows shall apply to all issues not settled in this contract.

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